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Fine Options for the Best Apartments for You

From the search for the property to your move through the visits and the signing of the lease, rent an apartment is not a long quiet river. Do not panic, here are some tips not to lose walk and be sure to arrive safely.

Questions to ask yourself before renting an apartment

  • How much is the rent? Is not it too high compared to your income?
  • What is the amount of the charges and the housing tax?
  • What does the lease agreement provide?
  • What are the guarantees required by the owner?
  • In what state is the apartment?

Mandatory or optional documents in a rental file

In the same way that a botched, misleading or poorly presented resume will hinder your job search, presenting an incomplete rental record may compromise your chances of being selected … To save time, do not make no visits without having taken care to bring you a complete rental file. This must consist of a photocopy of your identity document (passport or identity card), a copy of your three pay slips and a proof of address. Depending on the case, other documents may be requested: certificate of the previous owner (the latter confirming that you are a “model” tenant), certificate of your employer (it will confirm, for example, that your period of the test is over or you are not under a dismissal procedure). For the right options for the boston apartments this is a very important matter.

Optional documents in a rental contract to rent a home

  • Portrait photo, VITAL card.
  • Photocopy of bank account.
  • Certificate of good performance of the bank account.
  • Certificate of absence of credit, authorization of direct debit.
  • Marriage contract or certificate of concubinage.
  • Personal medical file.
  • Criminal record extract.
  • Rental File – Documents that the owner cannot ask you.

During the visit of the apartment, open the eye

You have spotted, in the bend of an ad, a property corresponding in every way with your desires and your needs? It’s good ! But do not engage before you visit. On D day, take the time to walk around the accommodation. In this way, you will have an idea of ​​the atmosphere in what could be your future neighborhood! Once you have crossed the front door, keep your senses awake and try to memorize every detail of the common areas: entrance hall, Digicode, mailboxes, staircase, elevator, cellars, etc. In the apartment, check that it is in accordance with the description that is made in the announcement: area, number of rooms, state.

After visiting the accommodation, do not let your guard down

Do not let go before you sign the rental agreement and receive the keys to your apartment … or even after. And for good reason, it will be up to you, when the time comes, to carefully scrutinize your rental contract and track down any unfair terms. Also make sure that you get some documents (DPE, electrical installation status, etc.).