How to Clean and Maintain Your Wood Floor

If you look after your wooden floor well, then it will last for decades. Timeless, elegant and beautiful, wooden floors are both hard wearing and durable. In this article we look at how, with the right care, your floor will not only look stunning but will also remain damage-free.

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Read on for our top tips!

Mop up

Wooden and engineered flooring both need to be protected, and a good piece of advice is to wipe away spillages as soon as they occur. The lacquer layer will protect the surface, but remember that if liquid is left on the surface it may well soak into the wood and cause long-term damage.


The odd scratch and dent is unfortunately unavoidable. However, you can avoid deeper scratches, and here is what we recommend. Don’t wear shoes on your wooden flooring as outdoor shoes may harbour dirt, small stones and general grit, and these can damage a wooden floor. Make sure you have a house policy and a place where shoes should be left on entering your home.

Similarly, heavy objects and furniture can have unwanted effects on your floor. Think about putting furniture protectors under furniture and never drag items across the floor.

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Keep It Clean

Use a soft brush daily to remove small amounts of dust or dirt. You’ll be amazed at the results – for more advice on how to look after your floor, contact We recommend a thorough but gentle clean once a week using a micro-fibre mop and a PH neutral cleaning spray – never a steam mop or furniture polish. Clean in the direction of the grain.

Sanding and Re-finishing

This is a good option for the overall care of your wooden floor. If it has an oiled surface, simply add some more oil. Make sure you clean it thoroughly beforehand and wait until it is completely dry before putting the room back to normal. For a lacquered floor, sand the floor first before applying more lacquer. The end product will look beautifully revived and refreshed. Do remember that if you are unsure about any of these techniques, speak to a wooden flooring specialist.

In Summary
Wipe spills; remove footwear; don’t drag your furniture; keep sweeping; use an appropriate cleaning spray; and don’t use steam or anything abrasive.