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Buying a House

If you are going to buy a home for the first time, chances are there that you may underestimate the work involved and the efforts required. When buying a new house, the developer will request that you pay a certain amount of down payment, typically 10{3ccbf39bf18a87e388b3f4193f95a13b24c476b983824f2c5b3d71c7881ec1c7} of the house price. The listing says the house has 1 bathroom, but the upstairs has what looks to be the start of a second bathroom. It is rare that someone buying a house will drive by themselves to the home over the weekend during the day and at night to determine if the neighborhood changes during the weekend. For your information, we were renting a flat in Bayan Baru, Penang, during the course of finding our dream house.

Although the house is nice inside, the layout makes the house feel small and cramped, and having the only backyard access through the master bedroom …