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The Perfect Choice for the Perfect Boston Apartments for You

Choosing a rental apartment in Boston adds a touch of class and style to your stay in the city. But there are some factors you need to consider before booking.

Choose the most suitable district of Boston

Boston has many different neighborhoods that offer different types of facilities and environments. We advise you to read our guide to the areas of Boston to get an idea of ​​the area that suits you best.

Make sure the apartment has adequate services

Many Boston apartments are located in old traditional and characteristic buildings. But if the apartment is on the fifth floor without elevator you will find it difficult to climb all those steps. It is therefore important to ask specific questions about the apartment before booking. If mobility is an important issue for you, be sure to ask if the apartment has a lift or not.Other factors relate to the kitchen utensils in the apartment. Some apartments have a full kitchen and others only the essentials, such as a microwave and sink.

How to make the payment

If you can ask to pay only the deposit for the apartment before arrival in Boston; you will pay the rest on the spot.

How to choose a reliable real estate agency

Here are some tips that will help you understand if you are dealing with a reputable company.

  • Telephone and fax numbers are indicated? These numbers should be clearly visible on the site and theoretically be different from each other.
  • Ask questions by e-mail and see how quickly and with what competence they respond. Do they answer your questions?
  • Call them and talk to them on the phone. Theoretically you should rely on an organization that knows how to speak your language. You can verify this by making a simple phone call and talking to someone about your preferences about the apartment.
  • Can you provide testimonials from other satisfied customers? Take a look at the website or ask them to send you some testimonials from satisfied customers via e-mail. The most reliable companies should be able to provide them without problems.

Does the rental agency offer the option to pay by credit card?

The most reliable real estate agencies offer the possibility to pay by credit card. They should also have trade receivables with the credit card organization proving to be a respectable and established business.

Is the office of the real estate agency in the center of Boston?

Real estate agencies that have a downtown office offer the added benefit that if something goes wrong you can always go to their office to talk to someone. Sometimes agencies do not have an office, so you’ll find yourself talking and dealing only with the owner once you’ve rented it. There is nothing wrong with this and many real estate agencies do it; however, having an office in the center in case the owner should not be available is a plus. Search for fixed phone numbers. They will start with the prefix “93” if they are based in Boston. Some agencies, however, have special numbers that offer discounted rates etc to the caller, so it is not an absolute and strict rule.