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Why You Should Buy an Apartment in Thailand Instead of Staying in a Hotel When Visiting


When it comes to destinations in the world that offer serenity, beauty, culture, spectacular cuisine, and friendly and welcoming people, it’s hard to beat what Thailand has to offer. This is exactly why the country saw a rise in tourists in 2017 and the same is predicted for 2018. Besides its natural beauty, Thailand is also known for being a relatively affordable vacation spot, but with its currency on the rise over the past couple of years, industry experts are predicting that tourists may start to see a rise in accommodation prices.

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This leads us to the topic of buying property in Thailand rather than paying for hotel accommodations each time you visit. Obviously each person’s situation is going to be different, but if you’ve been eyeing property for sale Samui, or in a highly populated area like Phuket, then there’s no doubt you are trying to list the pros. We’re here to make things easy on you by providing a list of benefits to buying an apartment in Thailand rather than staying in a hotel.

Lock Down the Current Pricing

As mentioned, the currency in Thailand is on the rise which means things are getting more expensive. This includes local accommodations, property, food, and more. By purchasing an apartment, you will be locking down the current pricing, which could save you a fair amount of money.

An Investment That Will Grow in Value

Staying in a hotel is like renting in that you shell out the money, but you don’t get any sort of financial return on it. When you purchase a property, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you have made an investment and that every bit you put into it, you will most likely get back if you choose to sell down the road.

Then again, maybe you’re looking at your property as more of a retirement plan, giving you the perfect place to move into once you are retired.

Ideal for Long Stays

One type of vacationer that is very popular in Thailand is the long-stay traveler. Because people travel from so far away to visit Thailand, they don’t often feel satisfied with just a week or two. Long stays of a few weeks or even months are very popular. The fact that the cost of living is still relatively affordable in the country also makes a long stay ideal.

The Conveniences of Home

Another benefit is the fact that an apartment gives you the conveniences of home so that you don’t feel like you’re just staying in a hotel. You will likely have a bit more space, you’ll have a kitchen to prepare meals in if you choose, and you’ll be able to unpack and leave belongings there rather than pack up when your stay is over.

For those who have plans of visiting Thailand on a regular basis and enjoying long stays while they are there, purchasing an apartment can make a whole lot of sense both financially and logistically.